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How Hypno-birthing benefits everyone...

Hypnobirthing is a technique that can be used by a mother and supported by birthing partners to bring about calm and focus during the birthing process.

Why will I benefit from Hypnobirthing?

You body naturally knows what to do at the time of birth. It will give you signs that things are about to start which in nature would lead the mother to intuitively prepare for birth. The body has already started the process and will continue the process until just after the baby has been delivered.

Fear of the birthing process either because of the unknown or the stories and information passed on to the mother will cause tension and anxiety both consciously and subconsciously setting off a chain reaction within the body which restricts the natural flow of the body and will result in less blood to the uterus and a tightening of the muscles. This will lead to a prolonged birth and more exertion needed to aid the babies passage.

In the calm state that is accessed using the Hypnobirthing technique, a heightened focus on the body and its natural processes will bring calm to the mother as she works with her bodies natural functions allowing her the awareness of what is needed through the sensations she is experiencing.

What will I learn on the Hypnobirthing sessions?

The sessions will consist of relaxation and visualisation techniques that can be used by the mother or for the mother via the birthing partner.

You will also learn about the physical sensations and the part in the process they play.

Find out how creating positive suggestion, affirmations and practiced breathing techniques will add to a calmer birth

Are these techniques just for the birth?

These techniques are great support from the start of the pregnancy and relaxation to a new mum looking for a peaceful moment or two and beyond!.... Self Hypnosis is a technique that you can use everyday in life for support.

Can I use this technique during a Caesarean or medically assisted birth?

Absolutely... The technique will support you however your baby is delivered and will promote calm throughout the safe arrival.

If you would like to book, more information or a 15 minute Zoom chat, please contact me by email my Website or via Facebook @HolisticPregnancyandBabycare

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