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There are many forms of Hypnotherapy today and with the many forms I have studied I choose to use Analytical Hypnotherapy as my main focus for supporting clients effectively when they are ready to make that change. 


Hypnotherapy is one of the wealth of valuable tools to aid self-healing for many areas of our lives. This gentle therapy helps you to revisit events that have impacted on your day to day Happiness. These relaxing sessions can be utilised at a point of need or for releasing non-serving reactions stored from the past in this life. 


This can be booked as a course of treatments to successfully address the root cause of the issue.

Hypnotherapy can also be used as a relaxation session and from this session, the ability to get yourself to that relaxed state yourself at home when you come upon challenging times.

Hypnotherapy is rarely an instant resolve and needs the backing of your commitment, so  please ask yourself…


Am I ready for change?


Who am I doing this for?  (Hopefully the answer is you!)

How it works


From a place of relaxation and supported by the therapist you are able to journey towards and connect with the root cause of an issue.

Many techniques are integrated within this effective therapy, and it is very much a client led therapy. 

This highly successful methodology can be used for all situations where you need support and resolve. For example; (the list is non-exhaustive)


All areas of Stress, Trauma and Anxiety inc PTSD.

Anger Management

Low moods and Depression

Fears and Phobias.

Relationship issues

Low confidence and Self Esteem.

Weight management.

Smoking session.

Obsessive, Compulsive Disorder




Regression Therapy


This is used in Analytical Hypnotherapy sessions and as a stand-alone Therapy session. In these sessions you are able to access the past within this life to find the root cause of an issue or to other lives if this is your belief. There is much benefit to be gained from these sessions especially in the area of repetitive negative cycles in your life. These sessions can hi-light where the negative cyclical patterns have their groundings and you are able to see which of these no longer support you and then to remove or adjust them accordingly.


Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression which may benefit if there are blockages in your healing path and by using this gaining release in the area to be able to move forward.

Past Life Regression sessions are also widely attended by the curious...

Whilst most peoples interest in PLR is based in curiosity, this therapy too has healing potential. If you have fears, phobias, relationship, abundance issues (the list is non exhaustive) in this life time that can’t be explained by events in this lifetime then looking at past lives can be very informative and healing. Helping to break cyclical patterns, look at the mechanics of a relationship with someone and find information that could aid healing.



Hypnotherapy Charge

Initial session £95 (this session is preparation for the actual treatment sessions)

Returning session £75

Multiple sessions can be purchase in a block of 5 £350 per Block

(Returning sessions only)


Deposit required on booking with all services


Hypnotherapy and Reiki

Holistic therapies work in perfect harmony with Traditional medicine and other holistic practices. Reiki fits alongside Hypnotherapy beautifully as a support to the healing journey. If the request or occasion occurs, Reiki can be introduced to the session.


Frequently asked questions

Will Hypnosis work for everyone?

In my experience if someone is ready, then healing can begin.....

What is a Hypnotherapy session like? 

It takes place in private and in a comfortable chair. Your therapist will guide you through relaxation and into

a state of Hypnosis.

Your Therapist will then be your guide and support through the session.


Am I still in control?

Most definitely YES! At any stage you can end the session. During hypnosis you are more aware than in your natural state of consciousness.


Can anyone be Hypnotised?

Yes although for some it takes more than one session. That may be due to fear, expectations and trust. Hopefully with the right therapist for you confidence gained in the process is all it takes.

What does it feel like to be Hypnotised? 

You won't even feel “hypnotised.”

You will feel relaxed and calm.

You do not go to sleep. (Unless from a healing perspective you have need to...)

Your mind will only accept change if it is safe to do so.

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