Life guidance support session


A life guidance session may be needed when life gets a little overwhelming. It may be that anxiety has crept into your life or that confusion about directions and decision leaves you angry or resentful. You may lost or let down..... you may already be following your path and want to connect with someone for reassurance. A Life guidance support session is a time for you. For someone to “hold space” for you and  listen.


At these one to one session you may want to combine  a Reiki session, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy or Bach Flower Remedy to support you further. This is a choice made by you. You may just want the session to “just be.” To spend valuable time finding yourself or finding the direction of the next part of your journey...


I have chosen to follow my intuition and have taken a totally different life path. My passion in all of this?.... to support and hold space for someone whilst they find their purpose, their direction.

I know that everyone has the ability to heal themselves. I feel that through support, education and guidance, having space to make your own connections and realisations in a supported environment is the key. Making just one decision can be the catalyst...


Life-guidance support session

approx I hour £55 with a complimentary therapy in addition £85


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