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Look after yourself!

The Reiki Journey

Whether you’ve started on your journey or about to begin your Usui Reiki Journey this brief Introduction to all the levels may help you plan your journey or benefit someone you know considering beginning their journey.

Reiki is a gentle but powerful Energy Therapy. Through deep relaxation it enables the bodies natural healing abilities.

Reiki can be used in all aspects of life not just for physical symptoms.

For anyone doubting their own ability to learn to work with energy, Usui Reiki Courses are  “Oral based qualifications.” With little or no note taking. Channelling the Reiki Energy is enabled by way of a process called an Attunement rather than logical based learning, in which the teacher uses the Ancient Japanese Symbols to enable the “Universal Energy” to be channelled through you.

Reiki will add calm and balance to your daily life making it a perfect solution for Stress and Anxiety based issues and also has the potential to bring about change into all areas of your life.

Reiki 1

At this Level you will receive the 4 powerful Attunements that enable the energy.

You will be introduced to the Reiki History and teachings of Usui.

You will learn how Gratitude and Intent are ways of directing the energy.

By the end of the two day course you will be able to channel the energy yourself for the purpose of self treatments as this is the first stage to bringing about change and to carry out a treatment on another. This level is affectionately known as family and friends level, as they will line up to benefit from your new skill giving you the opportunity to build your awareness of the energy and how you personally channel it.

Reiki 2

At this level you will receive two powerful Attunements. You will be shown the  Ancient symbols used for the Absentee Healing Process (Sending Energy) This can be used to send The energy to yourself which is an essential process on your healing journey and for the benefit of others.

This is the Practitioner Level for anyone considering supporting others, changing career direction or adding to the services that they already offer.

Reiki Master Practitioner Level

This is a level of exploration, Self Mastery and Self Development.

You will Receive two powerful Attunements at this level to embed the Master Symbol. It’s use?... for situations in your life that are “Stuck!” or to end the repetition of negative cycles.

At this level we explore the concept of judgement and our shadow self. Within our shadow self is the key to reintegration of parts of ourselves lost on our journey through the experiences of life.

All of the first three levels are  two day courses and can be taught either Face to Face or on Zoom in exactly the same way as each other.

Master Teacher

This is a continuation of the Self Mastery Course and includes certification to enable you to teach others at all levels.

This course is 18-24 months and includes ongoing personal Guidance/Therapy sessions. On this course you will also shadow the teacher at three of each level Reiki 1-2 and Master Levels.

As with all courses the financial investment is indicative of the energetic commitment attached to each level. There is an invitation to rejoin any level at no cost within a six month period of your attendance at that level and available past that timeframe at a 50% discount on pre-booked dates in a group setting.

Additional courses- These courses below are not certified and may be used as Continued Professional development (C.P.D.) C.P.D. Is a requirement should you be attached to a federation for business purposes.


If you feel the need to refresh your knowledge or just feel the need to “sit” in the heightened energy that a teaching session offers, please message me for dates. It is available free with in the 6 months of your certification in that Level and 50% discount thereafter and of course includes a wonderful optional Attunment! 😁

Reiki Support sessions

If you would like support with your journey in relation to using the energy and what your current situation may be showing you. These sessions are 90 minutes.

Reiki Business course

Covers all areas of going into practice with your Reiki from an energetic and  professional viewpoint, Includes;

Self-care, Intent setting and energetic protection. Using your intuition and trusting the energy to support you. The ethics of practice, working with clients, keeping client information, customer service and Body language. 2 day course

Reiki Tools

This short course (3 hours) is available at Level 2 and above as it involves using the Ancient Symbols together with Symbology and Numerology as a self- Development tool.

Intent and wording

This short course (2 hours) is available at Level 1 and above, for those who would like the extra support with Intent setting and using “wordage” for the benefit of your journey.

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