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I didn’t set out to become a Holistic therapist!…

🌀It’s true…..Because of a life event I went on a journey of self. Acknowledging (as it’s said) that I had “stuff!”

And that stuff (The reason I now understand, for my triggers. The layers of generational and societal teaching that no longer served me) needed to be sorted for my own peace and calm, helping me to set boundaries and live life day to day being the best person I can possibly be for myself and others…I can now support myself Physically, Emotionally and Mentally on a regular basis rather than wait until it’s a necessity. It will be a life long process but the calm these services bring, allows me to enjoy the present and to not worry about the future…

🌀I chose the things to help me that I felt drawn too and then ultimately felt such a difference that I wanted to share these treatments for anyone else who wanted to benefit.

More and more people are being drawn to Holistics again (I say again because Natural/Energy/Herbal Remedies were the original way) and using these treatments to maintain their inner natural balance that I have created a members club in which joining provides you with a cost effective way of “Looking after yourself!” on a regular basis which is affordable.

🌀So if you are investing in you and want to know more, this link will take you to my website where you can find out more information…

🌀 If you want to start checking in with yourself as to “What your body is telling you!” (The subject of my talk at the Churchdown Mind, Body and Spirit show) This is a book recommendation that you may find intriguing as it gives you an idea as to, energetically where your physical symptoms may be from. This can be bought on Amazon and through iBooks/Kindle.

🌀Thank you for reading and sharing if you feel that you know someone that may benefit…

❤️ Yourself…😁

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