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A breath of fresh air!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

So.... I looked out of the window this morning and felt excited to go for a walk! (No, the novelty of lockdown walks haven’t worn off!😄) I love going for walks early before everyone else gets up. It quiet everywhere and the air is fresh!

I quickly realised that this mornings walking meditation was going to be about spring! It’s everywhere! Buds ready and waiting, blossom starting to emerge and the birds picking up twigs and other nesting material and chattering excitedly! The smell of freshness mixed with the gentle warmth of the early morning sun.... The promise of change! Out of all of the seasons Spring is definitely my favourite (and no... nothing to do with my Birthday being in May😂)

My awareness was continually drawn to the various stages of progression into spring... whilst some aspects were primed and ready to go, others were still very much asleep...How do they all know? How does each and every plant on this planet know when to rest and

when to grow? If the trigger was temperature as science says, then their awakening would be a collective thing. 🤔

I’ve had to arrive at the thought that they, as with my own energy have learnt that feeling when you simply just “Know” something is right. Only for me it has taken a lot longer to gain that awareness, nature has been doing it since the dawn of time...all at their own pace and when the time is right for each and every one of them. They will all “know” as we do, when it’s time to “bloom”....

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