(2 Day Course)

Contact me for course costings if you are interested

This Level will help you attain a higher level of personal development and self mastery
without the responsibility of teaching.

There are two attunements at this level and the introduction of the "master symbol"
which can be used for transformation and healing.

Once you have completed a Reiki course, you may at any time sit in on another course
of the same level as a refresher {free of charge for the first year. 50% discount thereafter}


(Approx 2 hours)

There is no charge. There is the opportunity for a donation to charity. This is not compulsory.   

If you have Attained Reiki 1 2 or Master Level ,Reiki shares are a great way of getting together.

The session timings allow everyone to experience a reiki mini treatment from the group,

and sharing experiences.

If you've never experienced a Reiki share please contact me with any questions.

It is a friendly,  informal way to connect with other practitioners.


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