Weight Management

If you’re reading this you are ready to embark on a journey...

My guess is that you’ve tried all-sorts to get to this point! 

So how can Hypnotherapy help when nothing else has?....


When we want to lose weight we will try anything and everything. Short term, some systems may realise a weight loss for us more than others and ultimately the end result may be the weight just goes back on.


The key.... our Brain has two parts. The Conscious brain that we actively control with thought processes and the Subconcious Brain that controls the things we don’t have to actively think about.. I.e. Our heart beating, our Breathing etc etc

This part of our brain has an active part in our habits when we eat.

The Subconscious learns by repetition... for example, if you have a biscuit with your coffee every morning, or always have a snack mid afternoon, the Subconcious will remember that and prompt you quite loudly at those points in time. It is almost futile to resist...


There are also other factors involved such as emotional triggers. With all of this in place it is no wonder you are reading this.


Hypnotherapy for Weight Management has a 95% success rate. Why? Hypnotherapy is all about talking to the Subconcious. The Subconcious is not bad, in fact it just does exactly what it is told and if it’s told frequently enough to do something (I.e. to have that snack) it will keep reminding you until it gets your attention... Yes you've guessed it! You’re hand is now in the biscuit tin 😄


During the treatment, the suggestions a Hypnotherapist plants into your Subconcious will give it a new focus and then it will be better placed to support you in your goal rather than working against you. 


There are two Therapies


Single Session Weight Management- For anyone with a BMI of 30 and below who want to lose up to a maximum of 2 Stone. This therapy is useful to retrain the thought processes going forward to make healthier choices.


Session Cost £100


Virtual Gastric Band Therapy- This Therapy is spread over 3 sessions and is aimed at anyone who’s BMI is over 30. This Therapy suggests to the Subconcious that surgery has taken place and reacts accordingly I.e. can only eat small portions. This therapy is useful to retrain the thought processes going forward to make healthier choices.


Session cost £300

Both of these sessions are available on Zoom.


All Therapies can be paid in instalments preceding any treatment. Message me for details....



Smoking Cessation



You want to take control of your life? I guess so, as you’re reading this....


Congratulations!…Give yourself a pat on the back! You are one step closer to giving up smoking!


No one else can take control of your life. There is no magic, just support tools...Hypnotherapy for giving up smoking is just that....


With this safe Therapy where you are always in control you can start your journey.


This is a single session of Approx 90 Minutes and costing no more than 12 packets of cigarettes (£120) 


Please message me with any questions you might have.....

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