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Try a Therapy!

I love working with Energy! The results speak for themselves….

Have you ever wanted to try an energy treatment and unsure which to choose?

Vibrational Tuning fork Therapy and Reiki raise the energetic vibrations of your bodies energy field.

When the energetic Vibration of your body is compromised (this could be from Illness, lack of self-care, situational, Mentally or emotionally etc) this “Will” then create “dis- harmony” and “dis-ease” in the body.

By recalibrating the vibrations of the body, symptoms will ease and with prolonged usage even dissipate.


The ultimate in relaxation.

This hands on energy treatment has to be experience rather than explained.

The effects are felt differently from person to person and from treatment to treatment. It supports the body Physically, Emotionally and Mentally. Whether you are beginning your self care journey or use Reiki on a regular basis to support yourself, the effects can be transformational. A Reiki treatment can either be carried out seated or on a therapy couch. It is also great for topical treatments also such as bone breaks (even through the Plaster) through to operations to aid healing. Reiki is safe for all. There are no contra-indications.

Vibrational Tuning Fork Therapy

The treatment is preformed either seated or on a therapy couch (as it is a relaxing treatment this second option is normally the choice 😄) Fully clothed (wear lighter, comfortable clothes clothes to the appointment and be mindful of waistbands etc)

During the treatment the skeleton is used as a sounding board to carry the vibration through the specific areas of the body with the corresponding Vibrational tuning fork. The resonance will also have an effect on all the organs within this area, making it a great general treatment for the whole body. From IBS symptoms to M.e. and Bone pain. The list is not exhaustive.

This treatment can not be used on anyone with a pace-maker.

Now you can experience these treatments via our taster sessions at Neals yard Remedy Shop in Cheltenham. 20 minutes for £10 (refundable against a full price treatment)

Book via their website or by Messaging me….. Julie 😄

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