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Start the Autumn in a Holistic way!…

If you are already looking to Natural Healing alternatives or would like to find out more, you will find it at the largest show of its kind in Gloucestershire


Pop by to say “Hello!”👋🏻 I am Looking forward to connecting with everyone... As well as answering questions to the holistic elements I practice and teach such as…


Spiritual life coaching

Analytical Hypnotherapy

Vibrational Tuning Forks


I will also be part of the “Free talks” running at this event. My talk for this event is a follow on to “The introduction to Bach Flower Remedies” from the last show earlier this year in Cheltenham as I introduce to you the concept of using the Remedies for your “Type!” Intrigued!?… Come and find out more in the “East Room” at 12.25 😄

You can also sample for free a Bach Remedy of your choice or make up a “mix bottle” (containing up to 7 of these wonderful remedies) for only £10!


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