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Self fulfilling prophecy!

A self fulfilling prophecy is a thought process that leads you to take action or think about something that ultimately leads to a result….

As we are all energy and everything around us is energy, a thought process can create change around us! It’s not magic but it feels like it when we are in a positive mindset.

in fact the word “Avracadabra” is a Sanskrit word meaning… “I create as I speak!”

It’s actually science and that’s why I love working with energy. It is something we can all acknowledge on some level, whether we have a creative or logical brain.

Because we are energy, when we think or speak, (depending on what we are thinking or saying) we are creating a vibration. As everything else is energy and also vibrates (at various resonances according to what they are) there will be an energetic attraction, a “pull” (as with magnets) For example; you are looking to buy a new car. Your thoughts are on this particular car as you go through the process of looking, test driving and purchasing. What happens…. because your thought process is so focussed on this type of car that you begin to see them everywhere…This is called Entrainment.

Entrainment is at play for instance… in our friends or social group/s i.e. “Birds of a feather” is a term used.

I once went on a management course where the tutor had written on the board…


He said take a word… A word relative to you and what you want in life, and put the same word into both spaces! and it really is that easy! Thinking speaking and acting in a manner of what you want in life “WILL” lead to achieving the end result. Ultimately the flip side is where are thoughts are maybe not so kind and loving to ourselves…

Keep the awareness of what you are thinking!

What will you “Create today?…❤️🙏🏻😉

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