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HAVE FUN! Life is happening now…..

It’s too easy to be preoccupied with what has happened or what may happen and miss the fun “in the present.” It has been proven that laughing actually stops you ageing; Physically and Mentally….and to truly live in the moment is an ongoing work in progress but the effects are fantastic…..

Sit for a moment and have a thought for the last time you “had fun!” Or maybe even “What does fun feel like?”

To me….Fun feels “Light!” 🎈🪁🧚‍♀️

Sometimes, especially as parents we think we are showing our children the way when, in fact….. We should be watching them and learning. They only have thoughts in the present…. They know who they are and what they enjoy. Modern living teaches them the “weight” of responsibility as they grow up.

Who heard this in your younger years! 🙋🏼‍♂️ I did!… REFUSE TO GROW UP!

As well as connecting with the younger version of you that makes you happy and makes you laugh you’ll be reducing your stress levels, lowering your blood pressure and also showing the younger generation that it is ok to do so, thus passing on a great gift…..🎁

Having fun doesn’t mean a lack of responsibility or any of the things you were taught when you were told to grow up.

How do you know if your having fun?….

I get my confirmation that I am having fun by the look on my teenager daughters face 🙄😂

(These photos were taken on a recent day out to “Friends Fest” for my daughters birthday)

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