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Energy. The wellbeing tool that everyone can utilise...

I love working with Reiki Energy. I use it every day to support me in life. From a place of peace and calm it puts me in a better space and supports me and in turn everyone who benefits.

I am aware that following the Reiki path won't be for everyone but as we are all energy; as is everything in the universe around us, there is a benefit in the knowledge of working with that energy to support our wellbeing on a day to day basis for everyone.

We all know how we are feeling...maybe we make ourselves too busy to acknowledge the quieter feelings but in general most have said things like "I don't have the energy" "I feel so tired!" (lacking energy) "Shopping drains me!" (of energy) etc etc

Using a more factual approach to using energy for our own wellbeing drew me to put together the Energy for wellbeing Course that anyone can do to support their own wellbeing. Luckily for me Science has caught up with the knowledge that energy workers have known since the dawn of time.

Energy Wellness Course

This course is for you if you want a tool that you can use for your own wellbeing on a daily basis. You will...

  • Learn to check in with and acknowledge your own energy levels on a regular basis.

  • Replenish your Energy on a daily basis

  • Learn what affects your energy

  • Learn to protect your energy. This is a necessary part as there are a lot of ways in life our energy can be depleted

As everything we say and everything we do is energy, it has an affect on us and our lives, and as the mental and emotional are linked to our physicality we have the ability to change things for ourselves. All we need to know is how to...

This course at Level 1 is for you and your wellbeing

At level 2 is about furthering your journey and learning to support others.

At level 3 this course is about self mastery and taking your energy work to the next level

Each level of this course can be completed in 2 days or 4 half day and can be taught in groups or on a one to one basis, in person or on Zoom

If you would like more information please email on

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