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Easy access sessions and courses in August!

One of the great things most of us learnt to do during ”Lockdown” was adapt and that saw the addition of Zoom to our lives! Whether that was in a business capacity or a family quiz! Zoom is now a standard adaptation to my working life which means I can connect with people from all around the world in a holistic capacity.

In addition to the normal times I allocate for these sessions I am adding one week where sessions and courses are more easily available….

17th -22nd August 2021

20th-21st Availability Reiki Level 1 I have 2 spaces available

Sessions are bookable and for more information email me at or visit my website

Sessions include…

Usui Reiki courses (all levels)

Analytical Hypnotherapy

Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions

Reiki development sessions

Reiki shares

Reiki Treatments

Bach Flower Remedies


Past Life Regression


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