Vibrational Tuning forks


Our bodies are energy and energy vibrates...

During our life events will happen that compromise these vibrations leading to physical "Dis-harmony and Dis-ease" 

Vibrational tuning forks are Weighted Tuning forks used on the skeleton to transfer and 

recalibrate the relevant vibration in certain parts of the body where physical physical symptoms are presenting. 

Great for a whole body tune up or topically for injury and pain management.


Treatment time approx 45 mins


Treatment cost £45

Course of 5 available to purchase on the Home page £200 (5x £400



Chakra Balancing

Chakras are our 7 main energy points within our energy.

Our journey in life and daily encounters can affect these creating blocks. 

When Chakra is blocked physical symptoms will present themselves.


Using Tuning Forks these blockages can be removed and encouraged to flow freely.


 Treatment cost £25


Treatment time approx 30 Mins


Tuning fork and Chakra Balancing 

Combining both of the treatment above


Treatment Cost £60

Treatment timing approx 1 hr 15 mins

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