(Approx 45 to 60 mins)

A Reiki treatment can be a very relaxing experience.

The treatment Is usually carried out in a relaxed environment on a treatment couch
(can also be carried out in a seated position. Please specify your needs when booking)

The treatment is carried out with a light "hands on" approach in a series of positions.
You can choose to relax and switch off during the treatment and just enjoy the Energy.

Everybody will experience it differently according to their needs. There are testimonials
from clients on the testimonial page if you would like to look at others experiences
before receiving a treatment.

Treatments available are :
Full Reiki treatment £45
Head, neck and shoulder treatment £25
(A shorter treatment to fit into, maybe your lunchtime)
Partial treatment £15
(For an injury or post operative aid to healing)



Reiki energy can be sent remotely.

If you would like Reiki Healing sent for support to yourself or someone you know

please email or text me. I do not need to know anything but a first name.....


There is no charge for sending energy!   

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