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Wellbeing Energy course 


Are you looking for a well-being tool that is easy to use for yourself on a daily basis?

Something that is with you always?…That you can learn in a weekend?…That will calm anxiety and stress and give you a tool to support yourself going forward in life?

Being able to have an awareness of, and using the energy all around you to balance, protect and replenish your own energy.


Then this course is for you…

It has the ability to literally change your life!


The whole universe is made up of energy (including us!). Molecules that create vibrations. 

Everything we do, say and think emits a vibration that will have an effect on our lives… 

Energy for well-being has been used since the dawn of time… we have just, in the main forgotten how to use it for our own benefit. 


Time for change….


This course will help increase your awareness of your energy and support you throughout your life in general. By the end of the course you will be able to complete energy treatments on yourself and begin the journey of using the energy around you to support your journey.

The course is run over two days so that you can start feeling the benefits instantly or over 4 weeks with  shorter sessions depending on what fits for you.


Please contact me for more information or to book

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